About Us

Hi I am Michael (Zues) Petroline. I am an avid sports fan. The University of Georgia is my favorite school. I am also into electronics and love to help people. I look forward to working with all of you and sharing my opinions. If you ever have a need to get in touch with me email me at Pintglasssports@gmail.com. I will getback to you or try and implement any of your ideas as quickly as possible.





Moneyball Christ (a.k.a. Chris K.) – Interested in everything, but here’s a quick primer. “My teams” are the New York Jets, Atlanta Braves (NL), Tampa Bay Rays (AL), New York Knicks, UGA Bulldogs, Syracuse Orange, St. John’s Red Storm, Philadelphia Flyers, New Jersey Devils, and the Portland Timbers (just kidding; sorry, MLS).  Massive tennis geek: favorite player is Novak Djokovic (loved him since he was 18, his play and accomplishments this year has been the ultimate fan’s dream). I love arbitration, contract disputes, work stoppages, lockouts, free agency, trade deadlines, waivers, and just about anything that pulls back the curtain.  My relationship with college football: I watch with what I can describe only as the greatest suspense of disbelief, sadness, and rage at the state of the NCAA and the Bowl Championship Series, and with nothing but contempt for the guise of “amateurism” and the coaches and officials it pays in truckloads.  I despise Tim Tebow.


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